How We Help Schools

Interested in offering our evidence-based program in your district or school to children aged 3 months to 6 years?

We can set your program apart by promoting skills and competencies in your student body that research shows are pivotal for lifelong learning and success. Informed by research in neuroscience and child development, our approach is based on building the emotional foundations of learning and cognition—enhancing emotion regulation, character and moral development, and a positive sense of self, health, and well-being.

We will work with you to ascertain how to effectively promote these critical skills, supporting the growth of emotional competence and the development of self-regulation in children from birth toward emotional intelligence.

We can train your teachers in our pioneering begin to ECSEL® approach, as well as provide our begin to ECSEL® curriculum to your classrooms, so that your students are kindergarten-ready and poised for success. Our evidence-based approach has been shown to result in quantifiable improvements in children in areas involving attachment and relationships, initiative, motivation, empathy, and self-regulation. Given that children develop in the context of a relationship, teacher’s own emotionality also will be addressed, as it relates to the development of these essential skills and their role as socializers in children’s growth, development and learning.

Contact us to learn how you can integrate begin to ECSEL® in your organization.

"A few years ago I was in a meeting with Dr. Donna Housman at Beginnings School, talking about the effect of social and emotional learning on very young children, I was struck by the attention span of these very young children. No one seemed to become distracted, everyone participated; everyone understood the rules of this cognitively complex game. No one whined, interrupted, or punched anyone. These children were different from most kids their age. What, I wondered, will they be like in twenty years?"

-Paul Horwitz, PhD, Senior Scientist and Director, Concord Consortium Modeling Center


Watch begin to…ECSEL™ at work at our lab school, Beginnings School and Child Development Center