Parenting is the most important job in the world and yet there are no mandated courses on how to do it!

Through our workshops, you will learn how you can best help your young child develop emotional competence on the way toward self-regulation, which research shows is critical to lifelong success, well-being and the growth of emotional intelligence.      

“Dr. Housman’s approach focuses on emotional intelligence. Teaching the children about their own feelings, how to deal with those feelings and how to communicate what those feelings mean helps to foster their self-confidence and social awareness. The benefit of my son learning about this is that is has changed the way he communicates at home. We no longer see childlike tantrums; we now hear from a boy who can articulate with his words.”

— Amy G, Parent

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The Housman Foundational Workshop
During this half-day workshop, you will get an introduction to the buildings blocks of emotional intelligence and how to promote them in your young child. You will learn about the essential skills of emotional competence and self-regulation and why they’re so important.

You also will become familiar with the methods used in the evidence-based begin to ECSEL® approach. Contact us to ask for details on our next parent foundational workshop.


Additional workshops include:

  • The Pathway to ECSEL: Extensive training in the evidence- based begin to ECSEL® approach
  • The Heart of Success: How to build emotional intelligence through becoming more aware of your own emotionality
  • Boundaries and Limit Setting: The meaning of no
  • Stopping Bullying Before It Starts: Arming your child with Emotional Intelligence